Yaoi or Boys’ Love is a a genre in Japanese fictional media that focuses on homoerotic sexual or romance relationships. These relationships are between two male characters and are usually made for female audiences. Most yaoi mangas, just like Our Kingdom, is created by female authors or mangaka. The manga Our Kingdom is a funny and comical approach to homosexual relationships which makes it different from other mangas of the same genre. This blog will feature posts that are related to the manga so if you are a fan, I hope you enjoy reading.

The comments section is free for everyone to use. If you also share my interest in reading yaoi mangas, I want to get to know you more. I want to know more interesting mangas that feature this kind of story so maybe we can trade information. If you are against homosexual relationships and you don’t like my posts, then please don’t read this blog.

I enjoy using my imagination to be in different worlds and experience things that do not exist from this world. Reading yaoi mangas give me a different perspective about love and relationships so please don’t judge me. I’m not homosexual but I think everyone in this world has the right to find real happiness and love. I am in a relationship as well and it doesn’t have to be male or female as long as I am truly happy and in love with the person. I hope to meet more people who are open minded through this blog.