Crossbows and Manga Characters

ourkingdom crossbowTo a lot of its fans, manga has to be one of the most awesome things that you can see on the internet right now. It is entertaining and at the same time relatable. Maybe that is the main appeal of manga and anime to children nowadays, they portray normal kids, doing normal things and living their normal lives but on the other hand, sometimes they have powers and unbelievable skills like in martial arts, sports, weapons, fighting the forces of evil and so on. Some even wield weapons like crossbows and that is the point of this article. Kids these takes take on interests that can take them much closer to their favorite characters like archery but using crossbows. But what are the best crossbows out there and what you need to look at to get the best out of them to become the crossbow shooting manga character you want to be.

First we have the Barnet Buck Commander Package. This is the best bow at the $600 to $700 range. The bow’s tiller is designed to accept bolts up to 22” which is combo’d with a 175 pounds of force on its limbs and a 14” power stroke and to make things short. When a bolt flies out of this bow, it goes as fast as 365 feet per second velocity which can definitely kill. So strong that when you shoot a buffalo at 50 feet away, the arrow will enter on one side and fly out on the other side. This is great for hunters and target shooters for its power. So strong, that if placed in the hands of a plain shooter, they will probably going to end up wanting to hunt as well.

Next we have the Excalibur Matrix 355. Many people who have tried to consider this bow as a monster! Given the name of the bow, it will shoot bolts out of the bow at a velocity of 355 feet per second! Thanks to its draw weight of a massive 240 pounds. Given the heavy draw weight of this beast, you will need some help in pulling it. Good thing the package comes with a rope for cocking so any capable person will be able to draw the string. It is built in with the amazingly tough Dyna Flight 97 string, this is actually being used with the best compound bows around.

With its ergo-grip innovation, it feels like you are handling a standard rifle which in turn will give you a very steady handling of the bow and will transfer the recoil directly in a straight forward line and will stop the bow from point upwards when firing – which is a huge drawback for bows out there that exceed the 220 pound draw weight.

All in all, the Matrix 355 is an overkill if you are just a casual target shooter, but it doesn’t mean it will not work well for it because it will and it is perfect. This bow is actually designed for amateur and pro hunters that is why it is made to be powerful yet accurate and stable at the same time.