Safety first: the types of gun safes the body gaurds in Our Kingdom would have

ourkingdom gunsafeIf you own guns or any form of firearms, owning a gun safe is not really an option, you really have to have a gun safe. Is it part of being a responsible gun owner and a part of that is knowing proper gun safety especially if you have loved ones around the house or business and especially children. With this you will find helpful tips of what type of guns safes would work best for you and what you need to consider before buying.

First of all, the size is very important. It comes with the very important question of “will it fit?” depending on where you want to put the safe in. Some folks do not mind to having their safes in the living room, but to some who have a wife and kids where having guns around the common area of the house is not an option, this can be a problem. So to start off, you need to measure the dimensions of the safe you would like to buy. Make sure you measure everything from height, width and even depth in reference to the spot where you want to place your new safe for your guns.

Next thing to consider when buying a gun safe for your body guards in your kingdom is the weight. One question is that is it heavy enough? Because remember a measly 300 pound safe can be easy dragged out of your house with a heavy duty hand truck so ask the store on how heavy the safe is before buying. But if you do not have a choice but the 300 pound safe, it is highly recommended by experts that you bolt the safe down on to something solid. Unless you are buying a 500 pound safe, then whoever is going to try and steal it from your house is going to have a tough time dealing with it.

So now you are buying a large safe. If it is, then is it your only safe? So if it is your only safe, a large safe, then save yourself from all of the possible hassle by getting yourself an electronic lock. Because having a traditional manual lock can be a huge pain in the rear if you have an unwanted intruder in your home at the middle of the night and you need to get a hold of your gun. You need all the help you can get turning that old school dial when someone’s lurking in your house. Although if you have a smaller handgun safe, then that is going to be much easier and less of a problem. Also if you have a bedside hand safe that will serve as your quick gun access, then you are in good hands with a manual lock for increased security.

Can you bolt it down? This is a very crucial variable in deciding what type of safe you should get for your kingdom. Because if you cannot bolt it down, then you have to buy a bigger and heavier safe. A lot of newer type of house nowadays are built with tension slabs around them. So to avoid foundation issues, by all means, do not drill on the concrete foundation of your home. So save yourself all the hassle and just get a heavier safe so no drilling is required.

So consider these variables before getting a gun safe for your bodyguards in your kingdom.