Sewing Tributes to Our Kingdom

ourkingdom sosewThere are a lot of things connected to sewing and none of them is much closer than the clothes you create from the sewing process. In the manga Our Kingdom, you can see very interesting clothing and fashion statements worn by the characters themselves. They’re clean cut and masculine although with the touch of being gay. But how can you show tribute to the art of sewing and paying homage to the manga Our Kingdom?

Well, there is no other way but by being fashionable and looking good wearing your clothes and at the same time looking like a character in the manga without breaking the bank. Here is what you need to consider.

First of all gay men love to show individuality in reference to style and fashion. But yet again, not everyone makes tons of money every month to buy designer clothes. But yet again, if you know the tricks, then you can look like a million dollars without spending as much.

Most gay people who are conscious of their budgets will, by all means, avoid high end department stores and boutiques because obviously they are too expensive if you are on a tight budget. You will even hear a lot of rumors about people gawking at you as if you are being measured by an invisible sensor of wealth right through the door. However, a lot of high end stores have factory outlets and even clearance sales that happens all year round so you can get your desired pieces for much less. If you are a bargain hunter veteran, then take it up a notch and go for a much popular store and head straight to the back end of the store to the sales rack. Who knows what goodies you might find there.

You will be surprised to find the best clothes around in the most unexpected places at the lowest possible prices. You might not know this but clothing styles, sizes and colors are being sold differently depending on the region. One place might carry bigger sizes and another will have wilder and wider color choices. This all depends on the customer demographic of that said area. This might sound too complicated and technical at first but you can easily take advantage of this. You can start looking into your region by delving into the types of clothes on display in your local shops and then moving into the stores on the next city. From here, shop at the store farthest from your taste, this is where you are going to strike gold because this is where you will find clothes that the local shoppers are not going to buy themselves.

Focus on the look of your style and clothing not the label or the brand. Everyone gets annoyed by that one person that is really trying too hard just to prove themselves or even trying to look for validation in everything they do. This also applies for style and fashion. Anyone can say that they have good taste in clothes but not to the point you are free advertisement by having the brand’s name broadcasted all over your body. That definitely is not cool and absolutely not the type you will see on Our Kingdom.

Second, you can always choose to learn how to sew your own clothes. This gives you the opportunity to make a range of clothes you are having a hard time finding in stores. Find a design and learn how to sew it. Borrow or invest in a sewing machine for beginners if you’re new to this. What better way to pay a tribute to your favorite Manga story but by being as fashionable as they are. Learn about the different sewing machines for 2015 to find out if there’s something that will suit your needs.